The Benefits Of Using Natural Stone Wall Cladding

Stone wall cladding can provide the opportunity to add visual impact to an interior or exterior space. It’s also a cost-effective approach and durable material offering a great alternative to traditional stone pieces.

Here, we take a look at some of the benefits of using natural stone wall cladding and why it’s such a popular finish.

Benefits Of Using Stone Wall Cladding

Natural materials are desirable in both indoor and outdoor spaces as they offer authentic quality and helps to add depth to a room. Stone wall cladding wears the marking so thousands of years of formation. No two pieces of stone are the same and the imperfections of stone are embraced. The natural texture of the split face and the tonal variation of the wall panels also helps connect the architecture and interior to the surrounding landscape. There is also a choice when it comes to the desired colour tones. Depending on your desired aesthetic you can opt for calm cool grey tones like our Lang Lang right through to the deep, warm brown tones of our Grampians stone panels.


Stone wall cladding is incredibly durable which is particularly important when installing it in an exterior application. It’s more resistant to breaking and chipping than many other walling materials such as concrete cladding and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

It also requires very little maintenance. In fact, stone wall panels is one material that actually improves over time. Another great characteristic of this walling finish is that it is fine resistant which is a great benefit for those living in a fire-prone area.


One of the main benefits of using natural stone wall cladding is the ease of installation. While you do need a wall that is structurally sound and suitable for the wall cladding, the tiles come in set size rather than random pieces which need to be hand selected and put in place. Swan smooth on the back of the wall panels also helps to improve adherence to the suitable substrate. This can drastically reduce the time and labour required making it a cost-effective product to install.

Additionally, stone wall panels also come with interlocking corner elements and capping in the same finish to help achieve the desired finish.


Stone wall panels are also extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of different applications. Internally, the wall cladding material can be used to finish off a fireplace, as a bathroom feature wall or to create a visual division in an open floor plan. Outside, stone wall panels can be used to add interest to a facade. It can be used in an outdoor kitchen, along the side of a pool or on a boundary wall. How you use the stone wall cladding comes down to the individual space and your imagination.